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The Sun: Tristan - A Rock Opera (LP, 1972/Re 2013, ltd 500)

Shadoks Music: 156

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Price: €30.00

Limited edition release of 500 numbered copies. Still sealed! (Two corners are lightly dented from transport).

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"The time is anytime, for this love story, a ship is dipping trough the sparkling blue sea, sitting on deck are Tristan and Ysolde. We have never seen or heard an album like this before. The music is stunning, the original package was outstanding, the whole presentation just beautiful. I am sure this album TRISTAN was not produced to sell. It came in a hand-laminated 10 inch tapes box, a booklet with all lyrics and two 10 inch hand-cut acetates. The concept of the rock opera Tristan reminds me a lot of the two 12 inch acetates of "Shuttah - the image maker part 1+2". I am sure both album where produced in a excellent studio, with pro-musicians to inquire a deal for a release on a big label. So some promo guys out there should have some original copies. The music is electric folk with a progressive touch, much better than most albums we have heard Britain, male and female vocals, wide range of instruments, great percussion and first class guitar & organ parts. Some songs more acoustic, some electric. A well balanced mixture of an underground concept album which beats most other UK albums of the same kind. This album is a pure surprise. We just love it." (Shadoks)

The Sun: Tristan - A Rock Opera

The Sun: Tristan - A Rock Opera