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Escombros: S/T (LP, 1970/Re 2012, ltd 500)

Shadoks Music: 144

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Price: EUR 23.00

Limited edition release of 500 numbered copies. Still sealed!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"ESCOMBROS where the top of the underground scene in Chile together with Los Jaivas, Blops, Aguaturbia and Kissing Spell. Recorded in 1970 for the Arena label. Only one single and one LP was released. Escombros are: Walter Sitzmann, Lito Benito, Ricardo Mendeville, Jose Rosenblut and Michel Boisier. Walters great compositions and vocals on all tracks are creating a unique and strong underground vibe, great fuzz guitars, drums, bass and organ are much heavier than in most bands from Chile. Their influences are Jimmy Hendrix, Cream, Pink Floyd and Great Funk Railroad. All English vocals. After this recording Walter left Chile so the band split up. For us ESCOMBROS is perhaps the best example for really cool underground music from Latin America with amazing vocals and extraordinary songs. This release has 2 bonus tracks from the rare single." (Shadoks)

Escombros: S/T

Escombros: S/T