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Arabs In Aspic: Strange Frame Of Mind (LP, 2010, ltd 100)

Pancromatic PLP 2007

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Price: €94.00

Yellow vinyl edition, limited to 100 copies. Gatefold cover.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Second release from this Norwegian prog quartet that tread similar ground to Black Bonzo. Arabs In Aspic have a clear love for the 70s. The whole album is just steeped in the analog sound. Big swirls of organ remind a bit of Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. Nektar comes to mind and in the quieter parts...Pink Floyd. Nice wiggly bits of phat Moog waft through the mix at times making you think this is something that sat in the vault for 40 years. I had a lot of fun with this release. Highly recommended." (Laser's Edge)

"I have to really keep myself in check to not immediately fast forward to the last track on Strange Frame Of Mind which is the excellent Focus cover Hocus Pocus. That would do injustice to the original material of the Norwegian band Arabs In Aspic who, on their third album, treat us to old-fashioned keyboard-driven prog ... his is nice heavy prog from the seventies played by a modern outfit which likes their Hammonds, good stuff." (Background Magazine)

"In short, this album is quite flawless. I can't say I've ever mentioned so many artist influences in a review before, but the effects really show. Each track on the album is fun to rock out to, and wonderfully composed without being too complex or overbearing." (Basil Francis/DPRP)

Arabs In Aspic: Strange Frame Of Mind