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Vatican Shadow (Prurient): Kneel Before Religious Icons (LP, 2012)

Type TYPE105V

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Price: €16.00

Black vinyl edition.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Dominick Fernow's music has entered a phase of rapid and exciting evolution as of late. Of course, the man best known as Prurient has long had more strings to his bow than many commentators give him credit for ... Kneel Before Religious Icons is another enthralling chapter in Fernow's ongoing consideration of the nightmarish and the oppressive, perhaps his most intriguing one to date. It may not carry the brute ferocity and sheer angst of the best Prurient albums, but Vatican Shadow is a beautiful and intense addition to an ever-expanding vista of thoughtful, haunted electronica." (The Quietus)

Yet another essential remastered reissue from the Type label ... Ultimately, it’s a great record that should satisfy fans of techno and noise alike." (Experimedia Mag)

"Kneel Before Religious Icons first emerged on Fernow’s Hospital productions in 2011 as a cassette-only tetralogy. With Fernow’s fanbase larger than ever, Type have now reissued the set as a vinyl LP and download. You can see why: compared to the Yemeni Commandos or Mural Of Saddam tapes, Kneel Before Religious Icons is strikingly accessible ... Vatican Shadow definitely isn’t his noisiest project, but you could happily call it his most obsessive." (FactMag)

Vatican Shadow (Prurient): Kneel Before Religious Icons