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Travis & Fripp: Thread (2xLP, 2009, ltd 200)

Tonefloat TF62 blue vinyl

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Price: €27.00

Blue vinyl edition, limited to 200 copies. Editing, treatments and mix by Steven Wilson at No Man's Land.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS 

"Robert Fripp's excursions into the land of what is reductively called 'ambient' have now been worming their way through the ether for over 30 years ever since he sat down with Brian Eno accompanied only by two tape recorders in 1972 ... Fripp, having already guested on one track on Travis' album, Double Talk, joined forces with the saxophonist and flautist best known for his work on the boundaries of Canterbury axis in bands like Gong and Soft Machine Legacy. Travis' mainly sticks to flute here, adding the requisite eastern scales to perforate Fripp's more amorphous washes of sound. If anything it most closely resembles Nik Turner's undervalued experiment in ambient work, Xitintoday ... If only they'd play this stuff live." (BBC Review)

"A collection of nine completely improvised pieces, many of the underlying textures will be familiar to fans of Fripp's Soundscapes recordings. But while Fripp creates lush washes of sound, so too does Travis, but instead of using sampled sounds as a primary sound source, it's Travis' flute and soprano sax that are both recognizable and expanded beyond conventional limits ... Neither musician alone could create the seamless whole found here, yet the individual voices remain distinct—even with the additional post-production work of Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson ... As gentle as the music on Thread largely is, there's no shortage of risk, nor is it entirely pretty. Still, it is singularly beautiful, and as a particularly deep collaboration between Fripp and like-minded improviser Travis, it's a meeting of musical minds that begs for a follow-up." (AllAboutJazz)

Travis & Fripp: Thread