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Richard Skelton: Marking Time (LP, 2009, ltd 400)

Type TYPE049V

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Price: €41.00

Limited edition of 400 copies. New and unplayed. A light dent to one corner of the cover.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW 

"The magic that Marking Time creates is difficult to describe. It’s something that can really only be experienced. It’s one of those albums that is much more than the sum of its parts, where the piano, bowed strings and guitar create this unique musical alchemy that you could never have expected ... This is remarkably evocative and powerful music unlike anything else you will hear." (Cyclic Defrost)

"The seven tracks on this release follow Skeltons usual formula of a multi-layered, dense, interwoven mixes of bowed and plucked strings, accordion, piano and other less discernable sounds. He somehow manages to make his music sound sparse and dense at the same time, sometimes you get a powerful wall of sound, at other times a delicate structure will emerge ... Wonderful!" (Foales)

"On the sparse and striking Marking Time, Skelton laments the constant distancing of himself from his past, as insistent piano figures slowly become enveloped within waves of mournful strings. The skeletal arrangements demonstrate a canny appreciation of restraint, affording Skelton the space to explore his themes without resorting to overwrought emoting." (The Quietus)

Richard Skelton: Marking Time