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Richard Skelton: Landings (2xLP+CD, 2009)

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Limited double-vinyl edition that comes shrink-wrapped with an additional 1 track 20-minute compact disc entitled "Riftmusic" in a card slipcase with different artwork. A light dent to one corner of the cover.

Grading cover: NM/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS 

"The best things in this world are so often passed over, especially when they can appear so overwhelming as Landings ... Sinking into Landings may just be one of the best musical experiences you will ever encounter: if not because it maintains such a strong sense of place." (Sputnik Music)

"Are drones supposed to be this shiny? Shouldn't they be somber and fuzzy, foggy and ghostly? ... Calling this drone music is too easy: there is as much post-folk at play here as bona fide droning, and one can easily hear some John Fahey licks in the background, hurdy-gurdy laments, even some contemporary string quartet music (Morton Feldman, James Tenney), not to forget a Brian Eno-like take on ambient music ...  Landings is a remarkable work with remarkable production values, unimpaired by its generous length." (AllMusic)

"These are exquisite recordings, desolate and generously spacious, sounding almost as if they're drifting directly in from the vast West Pennine Moors ... Landings distils Skelton's sound down to its absolute emotional core. The record acts almost as a summary of Skelton's entire output on Sustain-Release – from the intimate, lonely guitar of 'Scar Tissue' to the cavernous atmospherics of 'The Shape Leaves' – but throughout the musical language is so direct, so uncluttered, that nowhere does this large-scale work seem to meander or overindulge." (The Quietus)

Richard Skelton: Marking Time

Richard Skelton: Marking Time