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Conrad Schnitzler: Conal (LP, 1981)

Uniton U 002

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Price: €32.00

Second LP release from the Norwegian Uniton label. Vinyl in pristine condition.

Grading cover: EX | Grading vinyl: NM

"Conrad Schnitzler deserves a place among the krautrock royalty due to his early 70's work with major German groups like Kraftwerk and Kluster. By the early 80's timeframe of this album, Schnitzler was drifting deeper into the electronic ocean ... I suppose the idea here is to take the entire thing as a single, 40 minute piece, although we do get the divide in the middle to fit into the vinyl time contraits. With no traditional instruments present (and very little keyboard interface for the electronics), this is solid, otherworldly weirdness. There's not much diversity here, but if you gen zen you'll find plenty of varying textures. Fans of enjoyable primitive electronic music will find plenty to love here." (Dr. Schluss)

Conrad Schnitzler: Conal