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Nurse With Wound: Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains (LP, 1987/Re 2003, ltd 555)

United Dairies UD 110

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Price: €20.00

Limited to 555 copies. Sleeve is embossed on both the front and back sides around the reproduced images of the original paintings. Insert contains 2 more reproduced images and release notes. Pressed on heavyweight vinyl.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW 

"Broadly cinematic and avante-garde, Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains resists easy categorization except as a NWW release. It couldn't have been made by anyone else." (AllMusic)

"Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains was compiled around the same time as Stapleton's other b-side clearinghouse, Automating Vol. 1, though Drunk is a decidedly more consistent affair. The pieces presented here showcase Stapleton's natural narrative inclinations and exhibit a skewed musical sense not hindered as much by some of his more "gothic" inclinations ... Stapleton's acute ear has assembled a very coherent album in Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains, it's effective both as a great introduction to Nurse With Wound and as a one-sitting listen." (Dusted Magazine)