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Lisker: S/T (LP, 1979/Re 2002)

Guerssen Guess 008

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Price: €28.00

Another great reissue by Guerssen, gatefold cover with insert. A new and unplayed item, the cover is graded NM- because of come minor marks.

Grading cover: NM-/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Of all the Basque "folk" groups, Lisker might be the one least Basque folk (bar the hard rocking Sakre), but it is certainly not the least interesting, on the contrary. While their folk roots can still be heard (at times), it is clear that Lisker preferred a good hard-rocking psych rock, powered by a fuzz guitar and a gorgeous flute ... Quite pleasant an album, Lisker sole effort can be safely investigated for the progheads preferring spontaneity over careful planning and too precise/cold calculations." (Sean Trane)

"One of the more highly sought after rarities from the Basque Country of Spain ... Lisker probably tracks closest to the French band Triode. And the melodic quotient could make one state that Lisker is to the Basque Country what Gotic is to Catalonia. Plus the psychedelic influences of course. Good album." (Unencumbered Music Reviews)

Lisker: S/T