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Levi Smith's Clefs: Empty Monkey (2xLP, 1969/Re 2008)

Mayfair Music MFM 002

Price: €20.00

Great reissue from German Mayfair, gatefold cover and insert with history.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Rated as "the best Rock Album ever produced in Australia" by the local press, it's about time that this album can reach a wider audience after 35 years. This group played a dynamic Progressive Rock with a heavy organ and riffing guitars. But what makes this album really outstanding is the roaring Soul-voice of the band's founder Barrie "The Bear" McAskill! As we had the full support of Barrie during this project a lot of unreleased material popped up, including a test pressing of the first recording session. The songs on the album were re-recorded versions, making the First Session-Tracks a special treat because they sound much rawer and full of sweat! Due to the vast amount of additional tracks we decided to release this as a Double - LP in the original Gatefold Cover." (Mayfair)

"Firstly, a confession. This band comes from Adelaide, South Australia, my home city. That out the way, what we have here is a brilliant slab of rock and Hammond driven blues topped off by the brilliant vocalist, Barrie McAskill, the only constant in the group's ever changing lineup. In trying to describe his vocal style, think of Chris Farlowe, circa Colosseum." (ProgNotFrog)

Levi Smith's Clefs: Empty Monkey

Levi Smith's Clefs: Empty Monkey