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Hawkwind Light Orchestra: Stellar Variations (LP, 2013)

Esoteric Antenna EANTLP1008

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The album showcases Hawkwind founding member Dave Brock, long serving stalwart Richard Chadwick and sharp, bright blade Niall Hone’s collection of music forged as a by-product of the tyranny of distance. The material features typical Hawkwind themes of otherworldly splendour and strange, glistening, aural landscapes. There are futuristic prophecies, animalistic war chants, stellar peace hymns and an ongoing self-referential opera. "Stellar Variations” is the sound of three music-nauts firing on all cylinders and is an essential album in the Hawkwind canon.

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"They may call themselves the Hawkwind Light Orchestra, out of respect for the absence of Tim and Dibs, but this is full-on Hawkwind." (Starfarer)

Hawkwind Light Orchestra: Stellar Variations

Hawkwind Light Orchestra: Stellar Variations