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Grails: Take Refuge In Clean Living (LP, 2008, ltd 800)

Important Records IMPREC190

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Price: €25.00

Black vinyl edition, limited to 800 copies. Gatefold cover and folded poster/insert.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW 

"The members of the Portland, Oregon-based Grails may wish that reviews of their albums didn't always open with references to bong water and lava lamps ... The stoner-rock tag probably wouldn't bother these guys much. They identify themselves on their MySpace page as-- gasp!-- a jam band, and thoughtfully name-check Pink Floyd right up front, so that we don't have to. The five long-form compositions that comprise Take Refuge In Clean Living all occupy more or less the same languorous headspace and blend together into a pleasantly hypnotic whole. But repeat listens reveal a sturdy musical intelligence upholding the entire affair, which is probably why an album this drowsy never once feels aimless." (Pitchfork)

Now ass-deep in the new millennium, and post-rock has long since become the dirty word it always should have been ... Portland’s Grails, however, wisely eschew such limp tendencies, favoring not the voiceless, dead-faced riff that supposed contemporaries in the “post-rock” field work until all meaning is stripped away, but instead a global, wide-angle take on psychedelic rock and improv ... Grails’ third masterful record in an equally impressive run." (Dusted Magazine)

The Grails are at the very top of their game; they define in the very best sense what the term "post-rock" means. Theirs is music of possibilities, not dead ends." (AllMusic)

Grails: Take Refuge In Clean Living

Grails: Take Refuge In Clean Living