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James Blackshaw: O True Believers (LP, 2006, ltd 650)

Bo'Weavil Recordings Weavil 13

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Price: EUR 22.00

Released in a limited edition of 650 numbered copies, this is number 546.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"In recent months, 23-year-old UK guitarist James Blackshaw has burst fully-formed onto the folk underground, his remarkable talents already seeming at peak maturity ... Blackshaw's latest release O True Believers is his best-sounding and most complete work yet; its every dazzling figure cast in amber sunbeams as his playing moves in a decidedly baroque direction, his compositional engines laboring to outpace his nimble fingers." (Pitchfork)

"This is James Blackshaw's latest epic, this time for Important Records. Again using the 12-string guitar as his instrument of choice (occasionally embellishing the recordings with harmonium and subtle percussion) Blackshaw has produced something which seems set to catapult his name up alongside peer Jack Rose and the late, great John Fahey. Enough about the pedigree and skill on offer here though, in the end it is the music that counts, and what sets Blackshaw apart from the others is his innate ability to craft the most beautiful, heart-stopping tunes from the most basic ingredients. His extended compositions never feel too long and resist becoming technical for the sake of it - something which happens often in this scene, and his shorter compositions never feel chopped off or rushed, instead his works feel perfectly measured and sensibly realised. 'O True Believers' is underpinned by an immense emotional depth; something that makes this an essential purchase for any followers of wyrd folk or gorgeous home listening music that has already made 2006 ripe for becoming a vintage year - Hugely recommended!" (Boomkat)

"When UK-native James Blackshaw plays his 12-string, something spiritual takes place. This unassuming 23 year-old is transformed into a guitar god whose name belongs alongside the likes of Jack Rose, Steffen Basho-Junghans, and Glenn Jones. Making instrumental, solo, acoustic music that remains consistently interesting and moving is a difficult task. Yet, time after time, Blackshaw hits out of the park, constantly breaking boundaries in what could be conceived as a somewhat limited medium. O True Believers is the  latest in a string of impressive releases, all with their own mood and inspiration. An untrained musician living in the isolated suburban environs of Greater London, Blackshaw draws inspiration not only from the early Takoma Records roster, but from sources as varied as the sublime film-work of Werner Herzog, the books of Richard Brautigan and an endless amount of music: free-jazz, 60''s psych, drone, ethnic music and modern-day composers, to name a few. He is also an enthusiastic runner, part-time poet and a keen reader of books on Hindu and Sufi religion and mythology." (Important Records)

James Blackshaw: O True Believers