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Goldenrod: S/T (LP, 1969/Re 2002)

World In Sound: RFR-011

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"Stunning official reissue of this brilliant three piece instrumental late '60s acid rock album by a band who backed Darius and the Fifth Dimension. Featuring four long tracks loaded with swooping, jamming, fuzz guitar and bass lines that interweave with percussion effects it's an album guaranteed to blow your mind. Heavy duty sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, taken from the master tapes and featuring a detailed insert with band history." (Freak Emporium)

This reissue of the legendary Westcoast acid psych masterpiece was recorded in Hollywood in 1969, and originally released on Chartmaker Records. Goldenrod is not just the backing band of Darius - it is Ben Benay, Jerry Scheff and Toxey French who all were involved into several major projects and performed with Elvis Presley, 5th Dimension, The Doors, Ventures to name a few. On this album they let it freewheelin´ go - just caring about their passion to create a magic sound in their 4 long instrumental jams: DESCENT OF THE CYCLOPEANS/ KARMIC DREAM SEQUENCE/ THE GATOR SOCIETY/ STANDING OVALUATION – those satisfy through intense breaks and passionate straight-forward rock with ultimate Westcoast guitarwork by Ben Benay. Contains a very interesting bandstory + photos! On CD you´ll get the different mono-mix of the 4 album tunes, freaked out 79 mins - extended jamming on highest level of proficiency!" (World In Sound)

Goldenrod: S/T

Goldenrod: S/T