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Asylum: First And Last (LP, 1973/Re 2004)

World In Sound: RFR-020

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With insert.

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"First reissue of this mega-rare 1973 US privately pressed album that has been compared to later H.P.Lovecraft & Jefferson Airplane as well as other West Coast Bands. In truth the album has West Coast sound but a character and appeal of it's own and although it was recorded in 1973 it has a stong late '60's feel with keyboards, ringing folky guitar and plaintive vocals. This heavy duty re-issue is housed in a beautiful thick card sleeve, includes a poster insert and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl." (Freak Emporium)

"This is an excellent and almost unknown 9-track Hippie album, privately recorded/pressed in 1973 - an original is extremely rare! The band was found by Fork Union Military Academy school members in Virgina around 1970 – the music room of the school became their "refuge" from the predictable, regimented military school life... Thus was born the name "ASYLUM" - a place of refuge. Shortly before graduating and after some line up changes the last dollars were saved to make this album. The music in the “Airplane” & H.P. Lovecraft vains is true 60´s Westcoast psychedelic, garage, folk stuff .The electric cuts such as, “I want you every day”, “Sometimes”, “I will be free”, Deliverance”, “Help me be someone” contain, combined with male vocals the crystal clear voice of Elaine Lazizza (Cronin), great guitarwork (electric & acoustic), excellent drumming & organ. Acoustic tunes sometimes remind of 'Serpant Power' (David & Tina Meltzer). Comes with detailed bio and cool photo insert." (World In Sound)

Asylum: First And Last

Asylum: First And Last