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Socrates Drank The Conium: On The Wings (LP+7", 1973/Re 2007)

Anazitisi Records: ARLP 70-18

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Price: €30.00

Sound from mastertapes, fully licenced from Universal, Greece. With poster. Still sealed in Anazitisi Records' PVC protective outersleeve!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"3rd album by legendary Greek band. Moving towards heavy progressive rock with dual-guitar attacks, "On the wings" released in 1973 and for many avid collectors, this is the best Socrates Drank The Conium offering." (Anazitisi)

"The third album of the band entitled «On the wings» came in 1973 with the same members composition and record company, only that this album placed them at number one in radio charts of Georgia, United States, according to the magazine Billboard, and reviews of Americans were rave. «On the wings» is still released in America, while many internet sites consider it a classic album of psychedelic rock." (

Socrates Drank The Conium: On The Wings

Socrates Drank The Conium: On The Wings