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Barbie's Dead: Enough Space To Dream (LP, 2010, ltd 150)

Anazitisi Records: ARLP 90-42

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Price: €25.00

Limited edition release of 150 copies on coloured (presumably red) vinyl. 4-pages insert with lyrics, photos and bio and a poster. Still sealed in Anazitisi Records' PVC protective outersleeve!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

Barbie's Dead began in 1993 in Athens, Greece when four guys decided to form a rock'n'roll band. In December 1993 and October 1994 they made two demos with four tracks in each one. Next year, they released their sole single with two garage tracks (Room No 9 / Sin Creeps In) through Fifth Dimension Records. The band performed at many venues mostly in Athens and in Kiato, Korinthos and Patra doing mainly their own material though sometimes they did covers like 'Walking on my grave' and 'Dagger Moon' from Dead Moon, 'When I Was Young' from The Animals, 'Daydream Nightmare' from Grace Slick & Great Society as well as an instrumental garage-surf fast version of Stavros Xarchakos' "Annabel" -a greek pop tune from the 60’s. In 1996, after they added Kostis Giftakis on organ, they started a record session with brand new tracks. Nine of these recordings are included in this vinyl edition and six of them have never been released before. The 10th track, 'Curse (Something About It)', is from the 1994 demo session. The band split up in late1997. Barbie’s Dead lyrics are mostly about broken love stories and people in difficult situations who try to find their way out. Their music has influences from the 60's & early 80's garage rock and the 60's american psychedelic scene. "Enough space to dream" is filled with aggressive- spitting-trippy vocals, fuzzy & distorted guitars, swirling organs (farfisa & hammond), powerful rhythm section, reversed tapes, and lots of echoes, reverbs, wah-wah, flangers & sound effects." (Anazitisi)

Barbie's Dead: Enough Space To Dream

Barbie's Dead: Enough Space To Dream