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Pavlo V: Strength of materials (LP, 1979/Re 2007, ltd 150)

Anazitisi Records: ARLP 70-19

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Price: €41.00

Limited edition release of 150 numbered copies. This is number 53. Still sealed in Anazitisi Records' PVC protective outersleeve!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS 

"Originally it was a private release by Pavlo himself in 1979. Recorded in New York between 1977 and 1979 with the participation of Greek and American musicians, this is an ultra rare album, rated as R4 in the recent Acid Archives book. Original copies are impossible to get be tracked down as there were only 100 pressed back then. Obscure real-people album. Americana meets downer folk. With Dylanesque (Blonde On Blonde era) and just a tinge of blues influences, but also with an excellent melodic and melancholic atmosphere that makes "Strength of Materials" the ultimate late-night listening choice. Not in acid at all; rather a fair singer/songwriter effort which beats many of the so called U.S. downer-folk legends specialy on songs like "Blind alley", "I'm only waiting" and "Last call". Pavlo sang and played most of the instruments while session musicians who helped were Nick Doikas on bass, Akis Perdikis and Harry Kalaidjis on drums, Sam Feldman on tuba and Jeannine & Debbie on vocals. Pavlo V (Vakatatsis) had started his career in the early 70's as the founder/leader of the greek underground band "Ionathan" ("Jonathan") along with bassist Doikas. Their only surfaced single is one of the rarest ever released by a major company in Greece. Later, all three, Vakatatsis, Doikas, Perdikis worked with "Spyridoula" rock band. This is an official, limited to 150 only hand-numbered copies reissue. It shares the original cover and labels and it contains the original lyrics sheet as well as an extra insert with photos and notes/bio written by Pavlo V and Akis Perdikis (the drummer on some of the album recordings) themselves. 180gr as usual. In PVC protective outer sleeve." (Anazitisi)

Pavlo V: Strength of materials

Pavlo V: Strength of materials