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Grannie: Grannie (LP, 1971/Re 2006, ltd 400)

Shadoks Music 079

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Price: €52.00

Limited edition release of 400 numbered copies. Still sealed! The cover has a bump to the upper left corner and is graded EX because of that.

Grading cover: EX/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS 

"What became Grannie formed around guitarist Phil Newton in 1968/69 and was initially a cover band playing gigs around East London. Newton then began to write for the band and they began to master tracks like Leaving, Romany Refrain and Saga Of The Sad Jester in rehearsals. Around this time, Newton saw an advert in the Melody Maker for an all-inclusive deal at David Richardson’s SRT business that offered 8 hours of studio time, a master tape and 99 finished LPs for £100. A booking was made and the line-up that went into the studio some time in 1971 was Phil Newton (lead guitar/vocals), Dave ‘H’ Holland (bass/vocals), Fred Lilley (vocals), Johnny Clark (drums) and the futures Mrs. Newton, Jan Chandler (flute/vocals). There was also an appearance by John ‘Stevie’ Stevenson who played keyboards on one track Coloured Armageddon. the band began to play on the club circuit at venues like The Greyhound, The Marquee and even the Roundhouse although their journey ended when all of their gear - including one of the first mellotrons - was stolen." (Popsike)

"One of the rarest and most beguiling albums to emerge from the British progressive rock era is the sole, six-song self-titled LP by East London band Grannie.  It was recorded in late 1971 and issued on vinyl in a limited pressing of 99 copies.  It has been feverishly sought-after by genre and private-press aficionados since its discovery in the early 1990s — Record Collector magazine included it in their list of the 100 Most Valuable Records of All Time." (Popsike)

Grannie: Grannie

Grannie: Grannie