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Freedoms Children: Shadoks Box (3*LP Box, 2007, ltd)

Shadoks Music 100-101-102

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Price: €77.00

Limited edition. Still sealed!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS 

"Finally the box is out, after 2 years of struggle and hard work with tons of help from collectors in South Africa, England, Austria & USA. Since all master-tapes where lost in a big fire we had to master from original vinyl. We have used 2 or 3 mint copies of each album to make the best possible master. All 3 albums will be out in original gatefold sleeves, either glossy or matt laminated, just like the original, with the original labels. We won't say much about the music here because most people know what FREEDOMS CHILDREN sound like. All 3 albums are possibly the most wanted albums ever from S.A. Some call them the PINK FLOYD of S.A. and if the political situation in S.A. would have been easier they would have had the same status in the international music market as Pink Floyd does. Beautiful composer songs, amazing instrument work, well-crafted guitar work and great singers. The extra heavy prog. sound beats most albums in the same direction coming from UK or USA. 3 master-pieces!" (Shadoks)

Freedoms Children: Shadoks Box

Freedoms Children: Shadoks Box