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Dyckman - James: Independent Study (LP, 1968/Re 2010, ltd 500)

Shadoks Music: 126

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Price: €32.00

Limited edition release of 500 numbered copies. Still sealed!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Amazing underground folk-rock album recorded in Hartford, CT by James Grant and Dyckman Mills plus 4 guest musicians. These crazy cats play real hip music, electric and acoustic guitars, double bass, percussion, flute, backwards effects, in the direction of Mick Stevens, Paul Adolphus and Incredible String Band with a strong Beatnik touch. Really rare album which was supposedly produced on the same label as famous Jungle. 12 songs, harmony vocals, Woodstock vibe, artrock (before artrock was known), has the same feel in parts like Spoils Of War, hippie tunes, Jack Kerouac style lyrics/beat poetry, strong songs, cool all the way through the album." (Shadoks)

Dyckman - James: Independent Study

Dyckman - James: Independent Study