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The Final Solution: S/T (LP, 1967/Re 2007, ltd 400)

Shadoks Music: 077

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Price: €30.00

Limited edition release of 400 numbered copies.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM

"First reissue of this 1967 garage rock album, recorded in Puerto Rico. Edition of 400. Here is finally the album many garages were waiting for. This album is on almost all want-lists we have seen but never showed up. A mystery until now, very much like Mystery Meat years ago. Five guys and a girl recorded this album in 1967 in Puerto Rico. The album was pressed in USA on a private label. The musicians were fellow students at the university of Puerto Rico studying Architecture. Alexy Rodriguez, who was a musician of The Challengers and who designed the cover for Final Solution could not locate an original album to master from. Many years later a well-known collector had the luck of finding a near mint original copy which was the basis of this reissue. Really strong guitar and organ based garage sound, rough and beautiful at the same time. Mostly male vocals, all original 12 songs, English lyrics. Just great and so good we can solve another mystery." (Shadoks)

The Final Solution: S/T

The Final Solution: S/T