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Los Jaivas: El Volantin (LP, 1971/Re 2005, ltd 350)

Shadoks Music: 070

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Price: €59.00

Limited edition release of 350 numbered copies.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM 

"Los Jaivas is a Killer Chilean group who successfully merges prog-rock with South American Andean music. They can shift from gorgeous Andean folk to strong prog passages at the drop of a hat. All the musicians are top notch and play all the required South American folk instruments to perfection. This is highly original music and worthy of your collection.

The group released "El Volantin" privately. The music on this album was almost completely derived from improvisations, and can be considered as a performance of a "happening". It was pretty wild and free. From 20 hours of work only 40 minutes were used for publication. There were only 500 albums printed, and were sold at their gigs and in some "friend's record stores". It became not so widely known because it also did not fit to what radiostations usually played. The usual rockgroups from that time explored the electroacoustic styles, and were influenced by Cream or Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Los Jaivas used the development of improvisation, also during the live concerts.

This album was first privately released, with free, freak-out and drugged like versions of music based upon Chilean Folk fundaments and dement percussion. Almost the complete album was totally improvised. The song Cacho is somewhat Latin Folk track with very psychedelic Floydian organ, freak-out touches,piano." (Popsike)

Los Jaivas: El Volantin

Los Jaivas: El Volantin