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Various Artists: Simla Beat 70/71 (2xLP, Re 1999, ltd 400)

Ten Little Indians (pre-Shadoks)

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Price: €72.00

Limited edition release of 400 numbered copies. This is number 116. 10th and final release on the pre-Shadoks Little Indians label.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM 

"Reissue of two ultra-rare compilations of garage bands from India released originally by an Indian tobacco company (Simla Cigarrettes) in conjunction with Grammophone Records of India. No sitars or ragas to be heard here; the sounds are straight Western-style garage and psychedelia. Fuzz guitars and go-go organs (and all-English vocals) abound, all played by insanely obscure but remarkably great bands from India: Confusions, The Fentones, Dinosaurs, Nomads, X’Lents, Hipnotic Eye, Genuine Spares, Mini Beats, Great Bear, Velvette Fogg, Innerlite, The Black Beats, The Eruptions, etc. The original albums, issued in 1970 and ’71, are of the “count the number of known copies on one hand and have three fingers left over” level of rarity.  This edition is a very limited 2-LP set, released in 1999 on the highly acclaimed Little Indians label from Germany (later to become Shadoks), known for the high production quality of its releases. This is a hand-numbered edition of 400 copies pressed on heavy vinyl and housed in a beautiful and massively thick gatefold cover.  Pictures of the original LP covers plus the original liner notes are included.  One of the best compilations for this style that you’ll ever hear!" (Popsike)

Simla Beat 70/71 2xLP

Simla Beat 70/71 2xLP