Dog & Sky / Sunswitch lper - Crisping Glover Records

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Dog & Sky / Sunswitch lper - Crisping Glover Records

Innlegg Kjelli » 28 Des 2017 18:53

Nytt Dog & Sky lp ble sluppet rett før jul, anbefales på det sterkeste...

From the desk ofCrispin Glover Records

Alternative power trio Sunswitch is back with "Totality" the highly

anticipated follow-up to their 2012 self titled debut LP.

With elements of heavy doom, ambient soundscapes and improvisation,
Sunswitch contributes to the scene of heavy music while challenging
the very same.

Formed 2010 in the fairly cold, dark and small city of Trondheim,
Sunswitch is a reaction to its artistic and geographical environment.

The new album “Totality”, featuring 2 tracks with a total playing time
of approximately 37 minutes, will be released through Crispin Glover
Records on January 19th, 2018.

The Sunswitch personnel are known from a variety of bands such as
Motorpsycho, Yodok, Highasakite and Cadillac.

Trond Frønes - bass
Tomas Järmyr - drums
Kristoffer Lo - tuba

Record out on 19th of January
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